4 Pack Dyna Twist Skate Wheel Torque Lock


Get a 4 pack of Dyna Twist torque locks to use on your skateboard or for one skate.  Many Roller Skaters like to mix and match the colors of the Dyna Twist.

Each Dyna Twist Skate Wheel Torque Lock is made of premium, sturdy aluminum to last many years.  They come in a variety of exciting colors to enhance the style of your skates or skateboard.


  • Each 4 pack comes with 4 of the same color only.  We cannot mix and match 4 or 8 packs.  To order 4 or 8 different colors, purchase multiple singles instead.
  • Dyna Twist fits MOST skates.  It does fit about 90% of all skate axles for roller skates and skateboards.  Any axle with a Class 2 Thread will work with the Dyna Twist.  If your skate needs a non-standard nut, the Dyna Twist will not work for you.

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Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black, Nude