Does Dyna Twist Fit All Skates?

Dyna Twist fits MOST skates.  It does fit about 90% of all skate axles for roller skates and skateboards.  If your skate has a standard nut, the Dyna Twist will work for you.

* Not intended for wheels smaller than 60mm.

What is your return policy?

We allow returns up to 30 days for full money-back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling.

What is the Dyna Twist Guarantee?

Dyna Twist comes with a full 5-year guarantee.  If the insert fails, simply send it back and we’ll replace it and ship  it back to you free of charge.  You only pay for shipping to us (first class mail is acceptable).

Why Dyna Twist?

Dyna Twist makes swapping out your skate or skateboard wheels faster and easier.  You don’t need a wrench to remove the skate wheel axle nut with any special tool, just your fingers.  Simply twist each nut off easily with your fingers, put on the new wheels and tighten with your finger.

How does the nut keep the wheel on?

Using our patent-pending design, once you tighten your Dyna Twist nut onto your skate wheel axle it is a secure as using a regular one with a wrench.

They simply won’t back off and will stay in place until you untwist them.

How much is shipping?

Our standard shipping is US Postal Service first class mail and we only charge a flat $3.50 per order.

How quickly does my order arrive?

If we get your order by 2PM PST, we ship out every weekday (Monday-Friday).  Normal USPS First Class delivery only takes 1-4 days to arrive.

When we ship your order, we send you a tracking number so you can check the status.

Can I mix and match colors on my order?

Yes, you can, however you may have to purchase the single nuts at a slightly higher price.   This depends on the quantity that you want.  For example, if you want 4 nuts each a different color, then you’d purchase 4 single nuts and choose the colors for each.

We don’t break up 4 and 8 pack colors.  All of these packs are just the single color you choose.

Do you sell to resellers?

Yes, we are currently gearing up with retail packaging right now and are accepting new retailers.  Please contact us to learn more about our pricing and order details for retailers.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity of Dyna Twist wheel nuts, please send us an email to  info@dynatwist.com